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Building a better future through cultural Preservation

Council of Cultural Growth and Cultural Relations is dedicated to promoting cultural growth and preservation in the region. Our team of passionate individuals works tirelessly to showcase the rich cultural heritage of Odisha and encourage its continuation for future generations. From organizing events and programs to supporting traditional art forms, we strive to create a positive impact on the cultural landscape of the state. Join us in our mission to keep the vibrant culture of Odisha alive

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Empowering people, creating opportunities.

CCGR is dedicated to preserving and promoting the rich cultural heritage of Odisha.


Vision of the Founder!

Council of Cultural Growth and Cultural Relations”, popularly known as “The Universe”, came into being in 1973. Late Girija Bhusan Patnaik had a dream of building an Organization of international repute in the City of Cuttack, an important place of Odisha (It is located in the eastern part of India). 

He had envisioned a unique organisation here in Cuttack, with a conglomeration of intelligentsia, to pursue a dream of intellectual, cultural and socio-economic excellence in our society. During the tumultuous time of the seventies, the fever of the cold war had taken a toll in bilateral relations between nations. At that time of crucial juncture, he had valiantly pursued an unthreaded path to propagate international peace by establishing friendship societies with different countries. These friendship societies paved the way for many cultural-exchange tours, by virtue of which, many dignitaries from different parts of the world had enriched Odisha with their valuable deliberations and vice versa. 

The atomic holocaust in Hirosima and Nagasaki had deeply impacted him. So he mooted the idea of organising “annual children’s festivals”, in memory of the children of Japan, who were unfortunate victims of the ravages of the catastrophe. In due course of time, international seminars, which were organised by the Organization, have been deeply acknowledged as epoch-making events and an intellectual renaissance during that era.

Till the onset of the 21 st century, he was a colossal figure in the field of social work – as is evident from his personal and organizational achievements to make a qualitative change in the society. During his illustrious time in the public domain and as the founder of this heritage Organization, he had set a path for the future generations to imbibe – a spirit of brotherhood and philanthropy.

We are pursuing his legacy of excellence and on the platform of this heritage organisation, we look forward to rendering valuable service to the society.


The Campus of the Organization started from an asbestos hall. Today construction of a new “Meeting-cum-Conference Hall” is going-on in place of the old hall. Over four decades, we have done some value addition to the campus to meet our needs to carry out different in-house programmes.

There are three buildings in the campus with halls and rooms for the purpose as given underneath:

  • A big Conference Hall for meetings, seminars, workshops and cultural programmes.
  • A Library of more than 16,000 books of different genres, which is used by students, research scholars, educationists, senior citizens and intelligentsia.
  • Printing & publication unit, known as “The Printoverse”
  • Guest Rooms
  • Vocational & other training centres.


Our Statement

The founder of the Organization, late Girija Bhusan Patnaik, passed away seven and half years ago. He was a social worker of great repute and as a columnist, had carved a niche for himself. The Organization was his brainchild. 

Many intellectuals of the 20th century have been deeply associated with the organisation and made it a name to be reckoned with when it came to socio-cultural and socio-educational development of the state. 

Sri Bijaya Krusha Mohanty, senior Advocate and former Advocate General was the first President of the organisation. Late Sri Radhanath Rath, former Editor, The Samaj, late Justice Harihar Mahapatra, late Professor Sadasiv Misra, late Professor Radhnath Rath, late Professor Baidyanath Mishra, late Gangadhar Rath etc., had immensely contributed in the

development of The Universe. The journey of ‘The Universe’ was quite memorable as many historians, educationists, doctors, engineers, bureaucrats and politicians cutting across party lines helped this organisation to meet its goal. Their achievements have been our guiding force. 

We always aspire to play a significant role for the welfare of the society. We believe, as before, we will touch many milestones on the path of excellence.



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